Digital Season 2019-20 - Inauguration

Artificial Intelligence and coding should be introduced to students from primary level itself, said Mr. Rajeev M.A, the head of AI Labs, Tata Consultancy Services, Kinfra, Kochi. He was inaugurating the Digital Season 2019-20, an innovative venture of Dayapuram Residential School where students are trained to be programmers rather than mere users of the various programs.
AI, which emphasises development of computer systems which think intelligently, is being discussed on various levels the world over now. It is believed to be the harbinger of u imaginable possibilities for development in all fields whether it be banking, health, education, etc..
He expressed great happiness in knowing that Dayapuram is the first school in Kerala to include coding as part of curriculum.
Mr. Rajeev M.A, a veteran in the field of Artificial Intelligence, has an experience of more that 16 years and has held the coveted positions of Solution Architect and Chief Architect in TCS.
Hanan Abdul Aziz, the president of student parliament welcomed the gathering and Mehna Rizwi, the prime minister rendered the vote of thanks.