Head of Institution

Mrs. Jyothi P

What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul

Dayapuram Residential School in allegiance to famous writer Joseph Addison's words ensues a human approach, compassion and empathy.

Covering a span of 35 years of yeoman service to the community our institution's school of thought is the nurturing of 3E's - Educate , Engage and Enlighten.

We create scope for exploration ie, students should figure out things of their own. Beyond the realms of classrooms, we create an atmosphere to foster creativity, leadership, time management, public speaking, multitasking to name a few------

Thus we teach them to think intensively and think critically which reiterates that nine tenths of education is encouragement. With a committed and supportive management, devoted teachers, considerate parents and above all my dear pupils, I hope we can stride the path of excellence