Annual Sports Meet - 2019-20

On his Inaugural speech of Dayapuram Residential School Annual Sports Meet 2019-20, Mr Kamal Varadoor, the Chief News Editor, Chandrika opinioned that Confidence is the best weapon to win not only in the sports, but also to face life. He shared an anecdote where he interviewed the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
He asked, Sir, according to you, who is the number one footballer in the world?
Ronaldo's answer was, "Me, the Best.. I am the man of Confidence".

He also said "I am very happy to know that the children of Dayapuram School organised football tournament and collected money to build home for a needy family. Through that, you have proved your social mind, energy and confidence through sporting arena.

Ms. Hanan Abdul Azeez, President, School Parliment welcomed the gathering and Ms. Mehna Rizwi, Prime Minister proposed the vote of thanks. Olympic Torch which ignites the passion of sporting spirit was lighted by Master Fayiz, the Captain of School Football Team. Chief Guest Mr. Kamal Varadoor received the salute from the students paraded for March Past. Our Patron C T Abduraheem, Administrator K Kunhoyi, Principal P Jyothi and vice Principal K Muraleedharan were present on inaugural ceremony.